Suzette Knight




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Artist Statement

I like to make unconventionally beautiful pots that are to be used, loved and incorporated into daily life.

 I draw  inspiration  from discarded weathered objects, buildings and machinery. This is reflected in my through the addition of visible seam lines and the appearance of rivets, stitches and bolts. I sometimes add steel tacks and staples to the clay. I express other decaying, or evolving materials in my work through marrying different surface textures together in various ways. My pieces that are intended for everyday use are less decorative for practical purposes, but still retain the same aesthetic feeling of my one off pieces.

I enjoy working with iron rich clay bodies as I love the muted colours that I can achieve through using coloured slips on their surface. I like to scratch through these layers to reveal the clay body underneath, a bit like rust revealing itself through decades of layered paint.


BA Honours Ceramic Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

MA Ceramic Design, Staffordshire University.


I was previously  a  pottery instructor working with vulnerable adults with  learning disabilities. I now run ceramic classes from my studio in Southbourne, for anyone who wishes to attend.